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2 rooms house with an attic suitable for 

"with the Klánovice forest around the corner"

9 500 000 CZK

We are offering a house for sale which is located in the original development in the village of
Horoušánky. The house has been gradually renovated since 1996 – a new roof, wooden windows,
electricity, plasters walls, and a staircase. In 2019 a new boiler were installed, as
well as bathroom, linoleum, and kitchen. In the attic is construction preparation has been done for
heating, electricity, water distribution orand there is a possibilitygood assumption to use the space
for built-in, which would create the creation of two more rooms withand the total living area could
be expanded to about 116 m2. On a plot of 947 m2, there are two other separate buildings - a barn
and a former barn, currently used as a workshop and warehouse for garden equipment. Less than a
kilometre as the crow flies is the Klánovice Forest, which is the largest continuous forest complex in
Prague. There is a well-equipped medicalhealth centre in nearby Jirny. In the future, a high-speed
train station should be established in nearby Nehvizdy, which should be within a driving distance of
about 4 minutes. At the moment, it is possible to use the train connection to Prague via Úvaly, the
regular bus line No. 484 or bus line No. 344 directly to Černý Most, line No. 344, which runs several
times an hour at peak times.

Total plot area
Living area
Klanovice forest

Photographic presentation

House´s layout

Table with basic data

Usable area of the house 187 m2
Area of all land991 m2
Energy label of the buildingG
Building constructionMix of materials
Parkingon the plot, in the barn