My story

I started work as a realtor after my thirties. And this is the advantage which I can bring to my clients. Do you know why? Because the work of a realtor is very complex and I am using my skills from  previous occupations.

When I was a young boy we moved around Prague a lot with my mother, my parents were divorced. In some cases, I liked to know new places, have a new room, a new environment. However on the other hand, it was very stressful me, for example to change my friends at school or long commute. During a viewing with some realtor, the idea occurred to me that I would like to do this job. To see houses and places, meeting with people, don´t sit in one place and what is important for a small boy driving a car.

Well, it was a long journey to achieve this idea.

I´ve been working in the business industry for over 12 years, I went through different fields of jobs from banking to selling shading technology and saunas. I worked and lived in Edinburgh, Scotland as an expat where I tried to learn English and experience life in different country.

When I returned from my adventurous journey to Scotland in 2013 I cooperated with my friend, searching properites for his clients. At this time he worked as a realtor and had some clients who needed help with buying a property without time to serve them. I have to admit that we didn´t succeed. The Czech market wasn´t and I would say is still not prepare for this type of services. 

In 2017, my building savings expired and I bought a flat. I unknowingly became a real estate investor when I bought my flat. I consider buying an apartment to be the best investment I have made so far.

In 2018 I was solving problems with my flat and on the viewing, I met my future collegue Jaroslava Nováčka and there it kind of clicked on me, this is what I always wanted to do.

My  journey as arealtor started.

I completed a course in real estate brokerage in 2019 from the Ministry of Education within 100 hours from the Association of Realtors and continue to train and educate myself.



"My goal is a job well done and your satisfaction"